Here we are, back for the second episode of The Aspiring Producer Podcast, also know as The APP!

In this episode, I share some news updates regarding my new EP, ‘Wolves’ that is due out this week. You can check out the EP by heading over to

I also talk about some recent successes with my new sample kit on – I would be happy to start sharing some of the numbers and data with this project, if that’s something that you guys are interested in – answers on a postcard.

I also go over all the latest news from the world of Production, including all the latest Producer news from the Grammy’s, as Grammy season is upon us!

Tutorial: In this weeks APP tutorial, I go into detail about how to successfully get more placements, get your tracks into the right hands and how to get your music heard by a wider audience. All great content and ideas that you can implement with your own music and improve. Even if you just do one of these things, you will see successes with your music.

Sample of the Week: As mentioned on the Podcast, here is your sample for the week ahead. Please use it and create something special and inspiring for us all to hear. I will be happy to feature the best ones here on the blog & on the Podcast, so make sure you hit me up on Twitter or on Facebook, if you’ve got something for me to check out! 

Sample: Episode 2 – Sample of the Week
(make sure you Ctrl + Click to ‘Save As’ on a Mac, or Right Click to ‘Save As’ on Windows)

As I mentioned on the show, please make sure you use the bar at the top, or in the pop-up to subscribe to the Mailing List to receive the rest of the ‘Aspire Pianos Vol. I’ Sample Kit for FREE!


I will be back with the next episode in the New Year, so Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Let’s make 2016 great.



All other original music throughout the episode produced by Titchimoto.