Yo! Thanks for joining me for the Session 6 of The Aspiring Producer Podcast! It’s been a fairly low key couple weeks for me since our last session, nothing too crazy has been going on, just the usual plugging away at stuff. Definitely needed though to try and get my head down for a little while and focus on a few things for a week or two, felt good to try and make some ground back a little bit. 2016 is pretty quickly zooming away from us all, it barely feels like it’s started and we’re already coming into the 5th month. Crazy shit. I don’t like that feeling, that’s why we have to work extra hard these next few months to help us try achieve our goals.

I’m currently working towards my next project, which, as I mentioned in the Podcast, I’m leaning more towards releasing as a series of singles, due to it being slightly more EDM in nature. I’m intrigued to see whether this will be more beneficial rather than releasing say, 5 tracks together as an EP in one go, and then them fading over the following months. Instead of slowly drip feeding the same amount of tracks, but across a longer period of time to see if it sustains that momentum. Anyway, definitely something interesting to think about and I’m curious what the results might be, but stay tuned because you guys will be the first to know.

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In this latest session I talked about:

– How to Create Amazing Chord Progressions For Our Tracks!

Ah, chords are always a great building block for our tracks, but sometimes coming up with effective ones can be hard, unless we have a few tools up our sleeve to help us create them a little easier. In this session I go through some of the basic building blocks of HOW chord progressions are put together using Music Theory and also a few of my favorite Tips & Tricks to help you get dope sounding chord progressions much easier. Getting that right chord progression can make a huge difference to a track, it could make it easier to add other instruments to, could be a lot easier and inspiring to write to and it could definitely make a track better with the right one. So you don’t want to miss out on this one.

– Further developments on my new project and also some new sample kits that will be available on the site very soon!

– Another Aspiring Producer Quiz! How did you do?

– and more stories from around the Production world!


Top 5 Tracks Of The Week

1 Flume ft. Tove Lo – Say It – Produced by Flume

2 AlunaGeorge – I Remember – Produced by AluneGeorge

3 G-Eazy – Drifting ft. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez – Produced By. Cashmere Cat, Happy Perez & Mssingno

4 Snakeships – Money On Me – Produced by Snakeships

5 Royce Da 5’9 – Layers Prod. by Mr. Porter


Sample Of The Week – Session 6

Here is this week’s Sample Of The Week – this is actually from the track ‘All For You’ by Kissing The Pink (which totally sounds like eating from uh… the lovely lady garden, if you ask me…) Definitely has a cool vibe, so see what you can create with it. If you manage to create any magic with it, then drop a link to it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @theaspiringprod and I’ll be happy to feature the best one’s on the Podcast & Blog.

Sample Of The Week – Session 6 – Download Link


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All other music Produced by Titchimoto, unless otherwise stated.