The Most Annoying Thing About Being A Music Producer

Yo, So, as many of you reading this are Producers, I’m sure these items are something that you guys can all relate to. You ever have that moment when you’re meeting a new group of people, or you’re meeting your girl’s friends, and they ask you what you do, and you as proudly as you [...]

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Titchimoto – Wolves EP – Available Now!

Titchimoto - Wolves EP Brand spanking new EP from Titchimoto. It's been a long time coming, but feels so good to be home. Please be sure to share it around, and if you enjoy it, please buy it on iTunes. Let me know what you think... iTunes - Spotify - Amazon - [...]

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7 Ways to Create Income Streams And Earn A Living As An Aspiring Producer

I’d argue that becoming a successful Producer is harder than ever. Sure, we have a greater access to technology than ever before, but that means that so does everybody else, creating this huge surplus of Aspiring Producers all being able to create high quality music from a laptop in their bedroom. And that’s a beautiful [...]

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7 Ways To Get More Placements & Get Your Music Heard.

As Aspiring Producers, one of our biggest frustrations is how do we get our music OUT to the world. How do we break out of our bedroom/garage/basement studios and get our music heard? How do we get our music into the right manager/A&R/ hands? How do we get artists to record over our music? How do [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block and Stay Inspired

Yo, So let's talk about this little thing we call writer's block, or beat block, if you prefer. I prefer writer's block because in some form or another we are writing something, be it music, words, lyrics, melodies, chord sequences, drum patterns, whatever. As Aspiring Producers, there is more pressure on us than ever to always be [...]

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