So, I stumbled across this video from earlier in the week from the legendary DJ Pain 1 and I think it is a must for ANY Producers out there, both Aspiring and established.

Here, DJ Pain 1 drops some serious knowledge bombs on us Producers about the idea of giving away free beats. It actually stems from an earlier video of his where he supposedly talks about ‘never giving away free beats’. This is not strictly speaking what he says if you actually listen.  His argument is that as a Producer, you should always get something in return for your work, which is totally true.

I have a small mini-series coming on soon on tAP on this entire subject, as it is something that I believe is truly important to the future of all Producers. DON’T DEVALUE YOUR CRAFT. Seriously.

You have to look at every track you make as a commodity – it is something you have CREATED from scratch and it has a value. If a carpenter creates a wooden cabinet from scratch, it has an attached value. Sure, that value might be different from one person to the next, but it has an attached value to it, and eventually somebody will give you SOMETHING for it. It doesn’t even need to be money, but something of equal value in exchange for it. Your beats are exactly the same. And obviously those who create higher quality products will always command a higher value for their work. It’s a system as old as the hills – but that’s because it works.

It is down to all of us as Producers – don’t devalue your work. If a few Producers try and devalue their music, it sadly undercuts the entire Aspiring Production community and it devalues the role of the Producer.

Anyway, rant over, definitely more to come on this in the future. Big up DJ Pain 1.