6 FREE Plugins That I Could Not Live Without…

Today I want to talk to you about two of my favorite things - free stuff and new sounds! So here's some free plugins, it’s a winning combination. It seems that sometimes Producers are very [...]

Deadmau5’s New Studio Tour & Production Breakdown

In this first video, Deadmaus5, aka Joel Zimmerman, takes us on a tour around his beautiful new in-home studio, that was clearly custom created to suit his needs. He takes us through all of his [...]

Noah ’40’ Shebib – In His Studio & Producing Drake

You can thank Native Instruments for this one, who as put this together as promotion for their products, including the Komplete Kontrol & Maschine, which 40 references in the video. 40, who is the right [...]

The Most Annoying Thing About Being A Music Producer

Yo, So, as many of you reading this are Producers, I’m sure these items are something that you guys can all relate to. You ever have that moment when you’re meeting a new group of [...]

Titchimoto – Wolves EP – Available Now!

Titchimoto - Wolves EP Brand spanking new EP from Titchimoto. It's been a long time coming, but feels so good to be home. Please be sure to share it around, and if you enjoy it, [...]

The Weeknd Sued Over Alleged Sample Usage In ‘The Hills’

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for this one... very interesting to us Producers, especially those that sample. Know your rights, Producers. A film financier based in the United Kingdom has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit [...]

7 Ways to Create Income Streams And Earn A Living As An Aspiring Producer

I’d argue that becoming a successful Producer is harder than ever. Sure, we have a greater access to technology than ever before, but that means that so does everybody else, creating this huge surplus of [...]

Haunting Pianos – Sample Kit With !llmind’s Kitsohard.com

Yo! So, I have recently partnered with the awesome Producer, !llmind, and his new website, Kitsohard.com, to bring you a dope and inspiring Piano Sample Kit known as Haunting Pianos. Here is the official description [...]

Sonny Digital – Made It (prod. by Sonny Digital)

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Producers that are Artists, and Artists that are Producers etc. I think it's a real skill to have. Sonny Digital is a Producer and Rapper from [...]

Jay-Z & Timbaland Win ‘Big Pimpin’ Sample Clearance Case

I know, I know. This isn't an extremely old article, it just happens to be an extremely old issue that has recently arisen all over again. And, ironically, on Back To The Future day of [...]

Never Give Away Free Beats? – DJ Pain 1

Yo, So, I stumbled across this video from earlier in the week from the legendary DJ Pain 1 and I think it is a must for ANY Producers out there, both Aspiring and established. Here, [...]

Rick Ross ft. Chris Brown – Sorry (Produced by Scott Storch)

Over the years, Scott Storch has been one of my favorite producers. Sure, he's had his ups and downs as far as personal problems with drugs, bankruptcy etc. But put that to one side and [...]

Native Instruments – Native Sessions at A3C Atlanta

NATIVE SESSIONS AT A3C FESTIVAL ATLANTA: SPECIAL FUTURE TECHNIQUES WORKSHOPS Wow. It's times like this I wish that I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. If anybody does, or nearby, I urge you to head down to [...]

#InstrumentalTuesdays Vol. 19 – MikeWillMadeIt

MikeWill & the EarDrummers crew dropped their latest part of his #InstrumentalTuesdays series. In previous weeks, we have seen some of MikeWill & Co.'s biggest productions, including tracks produced for Drake, Future, Young Thug, Wiz [...]

Sap – Boom Bap (Feat. Hit-Boy , Mike Zombie And Hodgy Beats)

Ahh, Producers that can Rap! Or is it Rappers that can Produce? #chickenortheegg? Either way, dope song from Sap, (who also produced the track) Hit-Boy, Mike Zombie and Hodgy Beats. These guys are talented young [...]