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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Session 6 – How To Create Amazing Chord Progressions For Your Tracks

Yo! Thanks for joining me for the Session 6 of The Aspiring Producer Podcast! It’s been a fairly low key couple weeks for me since our last session, nothing too crazy has been going on, just the usual plugging away at stuff. Definitely needed though to try and get my head down for a little while [...]

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6 FREE Plugins That I Could Not Live Without…

Today I want to talk to you about two of my favorite things - free stuff and new sounds! So here's some free plugins, it’s a winning combination. It seems that sometimes Producers are very reluctant to discuss their tools of the trade, in fear that someone my use them and “STEAL THEIR SOUND” or [...]

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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Session 5 – The Things I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago As An Aspiring Producer

Yo, Thanks for joining me for the Session 5 of The Aspiring Producer Podcast! Good to have you guys back for another session and glad to see that you’re still down with The APP. Aren’t we all really deep down, let’s be honest. But it feels good to be back, minus the man-flu of course, [...]

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Deadmau5’s New Studio Tour & Production Breakdown

In this first video, Deadmaus5, aka Joel Zimmerman, takes us on a tour around his beautiful new in-home studio, that was clearly custom created to suit his needs. He takes us through all of his gear, showing off just some of the toys he's accumulated over the years as a successful EDM Producer, including a [...]

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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Session 4 – Create Income Streams And Earn A Living As A Producer & Ideas For My Next Project!

Yo, Thanks for joining me for another session of The Aspiring Producer Podcast! This past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, I’ve been preparing a few new projects for placements, working on some new ideas & sketches for a new EP that I’m currently working on, which I’m hoping to have out in [...]

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Noah ’40’ Shebib – In His Studio & Producing Drake

You can thank Native Instruments for this one, who as put this together as promotion for their products, including the Komplete Kontrol & Maschine, which 40 references in the video. 40, who is the right hand man for a number of Drake's biggest hits, and is seen as creating that 'sound' that has made Drake [...]

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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Session 3 – How To Create Killer Melodies, Aspiring Producer Spotlight & My Latest Experiment

Yo, Thanks for joining me for Session 3 of The Aspiring Producer Podcast, glad to see that you’re down with APP, hah. As I mentioned in the latest session, I took a little break over the Christmas and New Year period due to traveling back to the UK and visiting family & friends [...]

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The Most Annoying Thing About Being A Music Producer

Yo, So, as many of you reading this are Producers, I’m sure these items are something that you guys can all relate to. You ever have that moment when you’re meeting a new group of people, or you’re meeting your girl’s friends, and they ask you what you do, and you as proudly as you [...]

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Titchimoto – Wolves EP – Available Now!

Titchimoto - Wolves EP Brand spanking new EP from Titchimoto. It's been a long time coming, but feels so good to be home. Please be sure to share it around, and if you enjoy it, please buy it on iTunes. Let me know what you think... iTunes - http://bit.ly/wolvesitunes Spotify - http://bit.ly/wolvesspotify Amazon - http://bit.ly/wolvesamazon [...]

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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Session 2 – Tips For Getting More Placements & Getting Heard, Sample Kit News & My New EP

  Here we are, back for the second episode of The Aspiring Producer Podcast, also know as The APP! In this episode, I share some news updates regarding my new EP, 'Wolves' that is due out this week. You can check out the EP by heading over to http://theaspiringproducer.com/wolves. I also talk about some recent [...]

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The Weeknd Sued Over Alleged Sample Usage In ‘The Hills’

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for this one... very interesting to us Producers, especially those that sample. Know your rights, Producers. A film financier based in the United Kingdom has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit over The Weeknd’s hit song, “The Hills,” alleging that it illicitly sampled a score from an obscure film titled, The Machine. [...]

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The Aspiring Producer Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction – What To Expect? – The Difference Between maj7, m7 and 7 Chords

Yoooooo! Here it is, the first ever episode of The Aspiring Producer Podcast! I'm very excited to share it with you. In this episode, I welcome everybody to the show and let you all know what you're going to expect as we move forward. This just the introductory episode, where I go into details on [...]

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